Welcome To Shree Asha Export

Shree Asha Export are not only interested in creating a thriving business, but most importantly,we want to be the model for
the rest of the country.because We want to revolutionize dairy farms all over India.

Shree Asha Expoting all kinds of Dairy Products,Cereals Products,Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Products.We have established our name in the market with our quality products and world-class services.We strive for the widest variety of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables and are dedicated to the higher quality product standards with friendly knowledge services. Thus we are one of the distinguished Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Exporters in India.Our products are regularly exported to Middle East, Europe and U.K.

We make use of advanced technologies to keep Fresh Vegetables.We grow and Export wide range of Vegetable Product that are ready to eat. With so no additives and no health risk,we make sure that the Vegetables are stored Fresh with no loss of taste, color, quality and nutrients.We are committed to our customers our Best Services with regard to Quality & Promptness. Because of this our customer remains intact right from the beginning of our business from India to Many Country.

What We Export

Shree Asha ExportDairy Products,Cereals,Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Exporter like a Ghee,Paneer,Green Bananas,Grapes,Pomegranates,Onion, Mangoes,Lemon,Etc.


With Nearly 11 years of Experience handling Exports of Dairy Products,Cereals Products,Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Shree Asha Export is available and ready to ship Dairy Products,Cereals Products,Fresh Fruits and Vegetables anytime day or night, 365 days per year to meet your specific needs.At Shree Asha Export, we are committed to providing customers with every request, 100% of the time.

Service Packhouse

After the BAN of EU came in trade and PACK HOUSE was made mandatory by APEDA.

Air/Sea Shipments

Shree Ashs Export is unique in having its own dedicated staff and facilities to inspect and load mixed shipments of produce.

Contract Farming

We are committed to our customers our best services with regard to Quality & Promptness.

Our Vision

To partner with farmers and customers in realising the highest possible quality produce & services and achieve sustainability in long term growth.

Our Mission

To grow as a sustainable supplier of agricultural produce and food ensuring good agricultural practices, supply efficiency, quality production,all in environment friendly manner.

Our Values

Building trust with farmers, customers, suppliers and business partners by always doing what is right.Ensuring openness, communication, and accountability in all our various activities.


Why Choose Us


Our well studied methods of harvesting, Post harvest treatments, Cold storage chain and efficient logistics allows us to deliver fresh and natural produce to the end consumer.


We maintain total transparency and traceability in all the processes from farm to fork that is from harvesting, packaging, Logistics and delivery.


We take highest care when it comes to food safety and quality checking thought all the process.


We always thrive for highest customer satisfaction which lead us to achieve excellent service record.

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